The streets of Leederville will light up and come alive on Sunday 3rd December at the Leederville Carnival! This free event will take over the Leederville precinct from 12pm-9pm with free entertainment and attractions which culminates in the turning on of the Leederville street christmas lights between 7.30pm and 8pm!

This relaxed and inclusive celebration of all things Leederville will fill the township's streets with food, music, fashion, art and children's entertainment! Watch for what's in alleyways and hidden nooks of Leederville. The streets will be closed off to traffic during the festival to cater to the 60,000 expected visitors.

A fantastic opportunity for the community in and around Leederville and the wider metropolitan Perth to come and soak up the celebration in one of Perth's great cultural assets, Leederville!



WHat to wear

Aside from the usual hat and sunscreen, comfortable shoes etc etc we want people to dress CARNIVAL! Bright colours, crazy costumes, head dresses, there will be giveaways and prizes for best dressed on the day so get creative.


Bring  water bottle! We will have a series of water refill stations in and around Leederville kindly donated by the water corporation so bring a bottle and fill it for free, helps the environment and doesn't cost a thing!


Bring cash! There are limited ATMs and EFTPOS facilities in Leederville and with 60,000 potential visitors you may want to avoid any annoying queues. We encourage people to bring cash on the day.


light up leedy

Bring a light! Between 7.30 and 8pm the Leederville Lights will be ignited and we ask everyone to bring down a light to help us light up Leederville on the night.

Get creative! Past examples have been glow in the dark balloons, stick torches... what will you bring? Let us know on social media


Catch the train - Leederville Station is in the heart of Leederville, as there will be limited parking available on the day we recommend catching the train.


Ride your bike! There are bike racks throughout Leederville and many bike paths available to cyclists through out the city. So make the most of them and ride down on the day!