The Leederville Carnival occurs the first Sunday in December between 12 and 9pm along the streets and alleys within the Leederville Township. A free event it is a celebration of Leederville, it's history, it's cosmopolitan lifestyle. The Leederville Carnival is expecting 60,000 visitors this year soaking up all things Leederville


It’s obvious – the City of Vincent loves Leederville.  It’s one of our five town centres and we’re incredibly proud of it. In the last few years, we’ve worked with the local community and the fantastic Leederville Connect group to make real and lasting enhancements. 

Together, we’ve created a lively urban park with a nature play area and opened up the skate park and made it a free space for everyone.  We have added epic street art and the iconic ‘Downlounge’ public sculpture with its quirky trio of upside down lamps.  We’ve planted more than 100 street trees, revitalised key laneways and added Christmas lights.

This is all made possible through the hard work of the Council and team Vincent, along with the passion, time and energy of the Leederville community. And we’ve got more to come.  

I’m thrilled to welcome you to the fifth Light Up Leederville Carnival and thank you for coming to see what the fuss is all about here in Leederville.  

Come and say hello at the Vincent stall – and enjoy the day! 

John Carey , Vincent Mayor